I Feel Fucked

by Swinelord




This E.P was recorded to 8 track 1/2" reel in the cellar of a house in Manchester, England. It was released on the 25/12/2011. Instruments were recorded live and vocals were over layered. Credits to Karl Sveinsson at Queens Ark studios for the recording, mixing and mastering.


released 25 December 2011

Swinelord as a whole.




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Track Name: Welcome To You're Doom
you ended me.you ended me.your eyes were the last thing i could see.my name is carved inside of you.you ended me.construct,another fucking idea,of why this could never be.eaten inside by my fear,another insecurity.i will be your last thought.i will never fade.your fears entrapped me,and you think you set me free.i wont become this.i wont become this.
Track Name: The Sandmans Coming
i feel fucked,one more hit of easy drugs.one more joint to pick me up.one more object to help me forget,how crushingly disappointing my life is.ive bowed out.i give up.i feel fucked.i feel fucked.Go.I cannot forget,no matter what i light up next,im loosing control,another breath until i let go.heavybreathing, in and out.fuck.take my fucking last breath.maybe end this day.an endless cycle repeating.an endless cycle of pain.take my fucking last breath.take my fucking last breath.this will be the last fucking time,i feel this way.pass the time.past the pain.i feel fucked.i feel fucked.
Track Name: Phimosis Death
i fucking gave what i had to give and this is what i got in return.a fucking hatred.you passed it on to me and now im cursed with this. i fucking hate you. my thirsty vengeance, destined for death.you fucking liar.fuck you.lay my hands around your neck and take a fucking breathe.feel your pulse breaking down at the end of my finger tips.death stuck in your head.death.
Track Name: Morning Beer
this is what your daggers bled, amongst the lies you told,for your power and your riches,you had the people sold,but for every lie you told me,i grew the wiser still,so you live to crush me,and the spirit that i instill.fuck this life.fuck them.the streets are filled with hatred,for what you came to do.this ground belongs to us, we didn't build for you.we built these bricks from our blood,sweat and pain.so bring your heavy hands and and authorize our pain.we wont live on our knees.we wont live life upon our knees.we will not bow to a false king.we carve a path of which we walk.put out your light and wonder in dark.no life.
Track Name: Lad
bite,bite the flesh between your thighs.my empress lies in front of me and her taste i cant deny.soft and slowly break the skin.rise,rise inside of her tonight,flesh inside of flesh, i feel her grip so tight.soft and slowly break the skin.i cant deny whats in front of me.so many thoughts of us skin to skin.the taste of sweat where it used to be.now i yearn to hear you scream.